Delicious crumpets coming soon to Lovejoy's Tea Room of Portland and other Portland-area stores near you!

Who We Are

Our Story

The idea for The Crumpany originated in early 2020 at Lovejoy's Tea Room of Portland. We received word from our local crumpet vendor that they were immediately and unexpectedly ceasing production. We searched high and low for a good replacement, but unable to find any vendors, were forced to import crumpets directly from the UK.

We had long wanted to start making our crumpets in-house. With this sudden change, and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to get started sooner rather than later.

We're currently raising funds for the commercial vent hood that will be required in our kitchen. Once funds are secured (or we find another commercial kitchen to rent), we'll be working on getting our product into grocery stores & retailers all over the Portland region.

The Crumpany is owned by Lovejoy's Tea Room of Portland owner Brendon Constans. Kelsey Kroninger is the Sales & Production Manager, and Sienna Kroninger is assisting with R&D & Production.



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